The Eartheart Chai Temple cafe has evolved  over the past 12 years in to a unique Dragon shaped celebration space.

We pride ourselves in serving the very best quality food and drinks at reasonable prices 24hrs a day with a smile.
We are starting the 2012 season with the Venus 'LovExperience'  event on 2-6th June, 2012 where we will help in initiate the 'TribaLove' cooperative society and celebrate the Venus transit on 6th June.

We are excited about the development of the 'lovexperience' tour this year to gather our 'Tribalove' family together.

We believe we are part of a tribe /family of people that live in different places and come together at festivals and events throughout the year.

The Eartheart is a gathering place for like minded souls to meet and network wherever we go.

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